Following an extensive renovation of the old Stockholm Brewery into their new office space, Octapharma asked us to help design the building’s way finding system. The design and material application was carefully considered in order to compliment the interiors, taking inspiration from the original materials and typefaces used throughout the buildings original interiors.

Elegant, modern and bold in its expression, our solution was to introduce large scale numbers, in combination with intricate iconography (derived from our work on the Pilsner to Plasma book) and sleek, informative boards for signage. Rather than working with a set of colours, we chose copper as the main visual carrier, for its relevance in traditional beer making. The unique iconography is illustrated in a turn of the century style, which is around the time the brewery was last in use. We love the end result, as does the client and visitors to the office.

他们邀请了the kitchen为这个空间创作标牌系统。the kitchen在这个古老的建筑中得到启女,采用了与古建筑相同的材料作为标牌导视设计的元素,选择和设计的字体也是非常具有古老文化气氛。

Bryggeriet酒店标牌系统 © The Kitchen Bryggeriet酒店标牌系统 © The Kitchen Bryggeriet酒店标牌系统 © The Kitchen Bryggeriet酒店标牌系统 © The Kitchen Bryggeriet酒店标牌系统 © The KitchenBryggeriet酒店标牌系统 © The KitchenBryggeriet酒店标牌系统 © The Kitchen

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